Jee Main Paper 2 Syllabus

JEE Main Paper 2 Syllabus

As students know that JEE Main paper 2 is divided into three sections, Part- 1 as Mathematics, Part-2 as General Aptitude and Part-3 as Drawing/Planning depending upon the student’s choices for B.Arch/B.Plan. The Part 1 and Part 2 are common for students of both B.Arch and B.Plan. Part 3 contains questions from drawing for B.Arch students while for B.Plan students, Part-3 will have general questions from planning. Students can check below the syllabus for all three sections of JEE Main Paper 2

JEE Main Paper 2 Mathematics Syllabus

Subject Topics
Mathematics Complex numbers and quadratic equations
Matrices and determinants
Sets, relations and functions
Mathematical induction
Permutations and combinations
Mathematical reasoning
Limit, continuity and differentiability
Integral calculus
Three-dimensional geometry
Differential equations
Binomial theorem and its simple applications
Sequences and series
Vector algebra
Statistics and probability
Coordinate geometry

JEE Main Paper 2 GA Syllabus (General Aptitude)

Parts Topics
Part I Awareness of persons, places, Buildings, Materials. Objects, Texture related to Architecture and build-environment. Visualising three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional drawings. Visualising. different sides of three-dimensional objects. Analytical Reasoning Mental Ability (Visual, Numerical and Verbal).
Part II Three dimensional - perception: Understanding and appreciation of scale and proportion of objects, colour texture, harmony and contrast, building forms and elements. Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil. Transformation of forms both 2D and 3D union, rotation subtraction, development of surfaces and volumes, elevations Generation of Plan and 3 D views of objects. Creating two dimensional and three dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms. Sketching of scenes and activities from memory of urbanscape (monuments, public space, festivals, market, street scenes, recreational spaces, etc.), landscape (river fronts, jungles, trees, plants, etc.) and rural life.

JEE Main Paper 2 Drawing Syllabus

Subject Topics
Drawing Drawing and Designing of geometrical or abstract shapes & patterns in pencil
Transformation of forms both 2D and 3D union
Elevation and 3D views of objects rotation
Development of Surfaces and Volumes
Generation of Plan
Creating 2D & 3D compositions using given shapes and forms
Sketching of activities from memory of urban scenes

JEE Main Paper 2 Planning Syllabus

Subject Topics
Planning General Awareness regarding development issues, government programs/schemes etc.
critical thinking and analytical skills,
graphs, charts and map
reading skills,
simple statistics,
CBSE class 10 Social Sciences topics

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