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A great architectural drawing, they say, begins with a great sketch that gives utmost attention to details. And this is why the drawing test becomes one of the most important elements in the National Aptitude Test for Architecture. This test is a paper-based test and is designed to check the candidate's aptitude in drawing abilities.

For a great sketch or drawing, the following materials are needed:

    1. A good quality pencil or a selection of HB pencils, Eraser and sharpener.

    2. Sketch pens.

You have to be on the clock while at the exam, and that complicates things. This is where practice makes you perfect. The methods are simple. Start practising based on previous year's exam papers. At SDS NATA we train you on the simple tricks and basic shapes and figures before we let you take on more advanced techniques. Our course materials are designed in such a way that you learn gradually and confidently. We systematically train you with mock tests and practice papers efficiently.

SDS NATA Coaching Center is one of the leading and famous NATA coaching centres in South India. Our coaching aims to develop creativity, design skills and visualization. Our matchless features are developing creative, logical and analytical thinking in students and give awareness on Architecture, Design, Art and Planning as well as practices architectural drawing, design, visualization and communication.