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The National Aptitude Test for Architecture is a tough exam to crack and it is split into two sections. While one section tests the candidate's abilities in general and mathematical aptitude the next section tests the drawing skills. And it is here that a candidate's creativity, eye for detailing and passion get tested. However, creativity is not an inborn talent. It is a skill that can be learned and perfected if you put in the dedication and hard work. Here are some simple tips you will need to know to ace the sketching and drawing exam for NATA.

Broadly speaking the topics you will be tested for during the NATA sketching exams are:

       1. Effects of light & shadow

       2. Sense of perspective drawing

       3. Understanding of scale & proportions

       4. Memory drawing

       5. Composing 3 Dimensional elements

It is all in the perspective. When you plan to take the NATA, there is a general misconception that you need to excel at drawing and sketching. While an aptitude is necessary, it can be trained and perfected. You need to be persistent and constantly aware of the scope of architecture.

You need to start drawing and sketching basic shapes and figures and then train yourself to see the perspective and dimensions that a figure shape will assume. At SDS NATA, we train you in these basic skills. As an aspirant, you should be willing to learn and grasp the fundamentals of perspective, and how light and shadows affect your drawings. We also train you in understanding the scale and proportions.

You have to practise memory drawing and composing three-dimensional elements too to ace the tests. However, we have planned comprehensive course material which includes previous year's questions and more exercises in our mock tests and classes.

Coming to the exams, Relax, take a breath and read the question. It can have hidden elements to it. Read it a couple of times to understand the question.  Apply your learning and your skills you have acquired will stand you in good stead.

At SDS NATA, we provide you with many sample tests that will enhance your skills. In short, if you have the flair, the passion and the commitment, you can ace the NATA drawing exam easily. At SDS NATA we train you to enhance your creativity by constant training and undivided attention.