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Architecture is a highly competitive field, which is why you need to prepare with dedication when appearing for the entrance exam. Majority of colleges across India require NATA, an entrance exam into the B.Arch program. 

While the exam can be tough, sufficient preparation and practice will help students score well. The section A of the NATA exam includes 3 drawing questions amounting to 125 marks. The time allowed for this section is 135 minutes. The second part is the aptitude section which is reduced to 45 minutes for the year 2021. Section B has 15 questions on PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Math) and 35 questions on General Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, totally amounting to 75 marks.  

Most students are under the wrong impression that the drawing section is easy, however, there should be emphasize on:

   1. Sense of perspective

   2. Scale and proportion

   3. Light and shadow effects

   4. 3-D drawing

   5. Memory drawing

Here are some tips to help you manage your time through the drawing section of NATA:

   1. Take 5 minutes to read the questions properly. Note down the elements needed in each question.

   2. Aim to complete the perspective question’s drawing in 45 minutes. Move onto the next question if time exceeds.

   3. For the question on 2-D sketch, make a rough sketch first before moving on to your drawing sheet.

   4. For the 3-D question, spend 40 minutes.

   5. You now have 15 minutes remaining to complete anything left over!

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