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Architecture is a popular career choice with students. To gain admission into the B.Arch course however, you will first need to sit for the NATA exam. This exam is prepared by the Council of Architecture (CoA) and is a prerequisite by most premier architecture colleges for admission purposes. Though the exam is considered challenging, strategic preparation and coaching will see hard-working students through. 

While nothing can replace diligence and dedication when preparing for the exam, the student should have a meticulously planned out timetable. You will need to follow it earnestly to complete the syllabus, revise the content and attempt old question papers too. The NATA aspirant should focus equally on all parts of the syllabus to guarantee success. Aside from section A which focuses on drawing and carries 125 marks, Section B includes PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Math) for 22.5 marks and General Aptitude and Logical Reasoning for 52.5 marks, making 200 marks totally. 

NATA questions usually focus on topics like:

  * Understanding scale and proportion

  * Effects of light and shadow

  * 3-Dimensional drawings

  * Sense of perspective

Here are some additional preparation tips for students:

  1. Practice sketching

  2. Practice mock tests

  3. Make short referral notes 

  4. Rest sufficiently and avoid stress

  5. Follow a healthy lifestyle

The best way to guarantee success in the NATA exam, consider joining a professional coaching institute such as the SDS NATA Coaching Center which deals exclusively with helping aspiring students prepare for the NATA admission exam. Here you will find highly-experienced faculty including qualified Architects, Designers, Animators and Communication Designers from premier institutes. 

Our intensive and interactive method of coaching has achieved 100% results to-date, thus making SDS NATA the best destination for NATA entrance coaching. Our expert faculty help each student discover their strengths and weaknesses and design a personalized path to achieve their goals. There are daily performance reviews with remedial sessions for the weaker students.

Our meticulously designed program covers 100% of the syllabus within the classroom with separate slots for tutorials, drawing, practice as well as model exams. Teaching is further amplified by a well-organized repository of NATA study material at the Computer lab and library. Students can access e-resources, video lectures as well as webinars to fine-tune their knowledge bank. 

Aside from the fully air-conditioned classrooms and drawing rooms, the center also offers safe hostel facilities for those living away from the coaching centers. Our coaching centers are located at Marthandam and Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu and Trivandrum and Kochi in Kerala. Find more information here: