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"Unique Mount EMEI " performance Land Of Dramas is found close to the most scenic spot of Szechuan, Mount EmeiEmeishan town, Szechuan Province. it's an oversized situational expertise drama created by the far-famed Chinese director Wang Chaoge, United Nations agency is invited by Mount Emei touristry Investment and Development (Group) Co., LTD. the overall space of the project is covers concerning half dozen hectares, as well as the “Above the clouds” theatre, the scenery garden within the cloud and therefore the “Under the clouds” scene theatre remodeled from the first village within the website. The design is tightly associated with the title "Emei", and uses taking "Above the clouds" because the entry purpose for discipline context and literary purpose literature. She attracts on Emei and therefore the ocean of clouds, Buddha Realm and therefore the world reality, refiningdistilling natural pictures mental imagery into literary expressions, so translating the semanteme semantof literature into Building image buildings. The design isn't a blunt existence or expressive style to of the encircling fields. It is, however integration of integrated within the Mount EMEI and rivers of Emei. Its creation isn't to create building homes, however to make end a Chinese monochrome Chinese clerisy genre. She might not be a standard building within the finish, however should be a chunk of creative works work of art with dreamy scenes. The flowing tTime flows, historical changes, the trees, the  and rivers within the sitebase, there areand additionally individuals living here for generations, and have gave this land left its mark, she is likemaking it a passage of music. so as to revive all of thisthem, all the first villages within the base were area unit unbroken, as intact as potential, and drama contents that matches the theme was areadded. The recent village and therefore the theater herbaceous plant and echo one another and continued  to jot down a brand new chapter. In terms of the discipline kind of the most theater, it depicts the spirit of the building set in Mount Emei. At a similar time, it focuses on the planning of discipline texture, with and sets "tile" and "roof" because the motif parts, employing a series of "roof" from the surface to the wall body, spreading bit by bit from the lowest to the highest cowl, creatinge Associate in Nursing intention and visual transition from the  human worldreality to the heaven., Thus, as dominating everything within the world from the heaven, it presents each real and shamartificial imageries, that appear to belong to each the heaven and reality. "Above the clouds" theater, like wanting down on the highest of Emei Mountain, overlooks the human world; " within the clouds " creates the sensation of walking through the clouds through the landscape, that is that the fairyland; "Under the cloud" is remodeled from the first village, that is that the human world. area here is endowed  with important time and spacetemporal and spatial  meanings., the The audience can enter the important world initial in "the world", so board the "heaven", experiencing the religious realm of “Above the clouds” as Ascending ascending to the highest , like the and viewing of the ocean of clouds, expertise the " higher than the clouds " religious realm.

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