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The capital of Vietnam - national capital could be a quick growing town all told aspects typical for dynamic Southeast Asian region. With increasing urbanization and population, presently more or less eight million folks in national capital, the amount of high-rise buildings within the town will definitely be considerably growing. the situation of the recently designed eating house could be a high density space of high-rise buildings with offices and residential dwellings at the side of an oversized range of major roads connecting the neighboring cities. eating house is found within the ground floor of the high-rise building known as Landmark seventy two.Pizza 4P'S whole is an element of a smaller chain of restaurants with a high name of the standard in Vietnam based by Japanese house owners. terribly caring regarding the standard of food and client service, for example they grow their own organic vegetables and build their own cheeses within the central Vietnam for his or her restaurants. one in every of the most abstract goals of the eating house was the sensational separation from the monotonous typical area and making place wherever the purchasers dump the encompassing commerce of a high-rise building. one in every of the benefits of the area was the generous ceiling height of five meters that helped to reinforce the next style. Suspended and supported perforated vertical cylinders in numerous height levels providing zones for seating. Another intention was to impact visitor's mind applying ingenious composition of levitating cylinder volumes. abstract inspiration of cylinders arose from the spatial  expertise of ancient kilns for firing Vietnamese terracotta bricks. dish 4P'S eating house is organized with seven wood cylinders of various sizes. These cylinders area unit anchored and suspended from the ferroconcrete block of higher floor and structurally supported by T- columns yet. this technique permits metric lightness of the eating house area and at identical time increasing usable space for a bigger range of shoppers. the development of those cylinders is made of wood blocks similar in size to ancient  bricks in northern Vietnam. wood blocks assembled along by victimization careful joints by the dry technique while not gluing in order that the wood will expand itself and work in line with changes in humidness. Changes in humidness and temperature area unit quite common for Hanoi´s climate. just in case of would like this installation technique can enable the fabric to be reused at another location. a mix of native ancient materials like wood - a neighborhood species of aggressive tree, rattan, tanned wood surfaces, sanded terrazzo, steel parts, etc. area unit low price and native common materials. The eating house interior was partly equipped with restored and customised older article of furniture from one already terminated eating house in national capital. one in every of the foremost distinctive article of furniture part could be a long board for twelve folks manufactured from reinforcement steel bars within the form of structural stirrups, wood-concrete supporting legs and glass high to reveal table structure beneath. dish 4P'S eating house area is a lovely place with a definite dose of national capital Genius Loci with a way of comfort and spatial  excitement from being outside from the traditional "glossy" industrial areas typical for national capital.

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