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The house takes its name from the Mulungu tree (Erythrina Mulungu) that we tend to found on the location. The crystals on the 3 fronts that face the central yard multiply the reflection of the trunk, the sky, and also the stems. The ways round the house conjointly multiply in spirals, during a succession of patios: the bottom floor, the central terrace and also the free area. Red ceramic bricks kind the bottom floor, ground walls and raised walls; bricks in closed and semi-open planes, wherever the wind passes.

Imagination, creativity, a keen visual perspective and the ability to conceptualize and understand spatial relationships should be given for any good architect and here at SDSNata, one of the top NATA coaching centres in Trivandrum, Nagercoil, Marthandam and Kanyakumari we ensure to instill these skills in each and every one of our students.